Welcome to Lvssn Industrial Products Technology (Nanjing) Co., Ltd.

Services & Technical Support

We have a highly trained and highly qualified team to provide comprehensive application technical support to users in different regions of the world, including evaluation and analysis of products before use, correct guidance of products during installation, and timely product after-sales service. At the same time, we regularly invite international industry experts to train every Lvssn sales and technical staff to apply this product expertise to wholesalers and end users.

Every valve of Lvssn has been rigorously tested and we will do our best to provide accurate, more extensive product information and technical support. All purchasers of Lvssn products will receive 24-hour accurate, fast and complete product technical services. You can obtain more product information and materials from Lvssn sales representatives or distributors by email, fax or telephone.

We and our business partners have a professional and excellent after-sales service team, and have a number of technologies to provide on-site maintenance, preventive maintenance and operational advice to ensure that users have no worries during use. Anywhere, anywhere in the world, our engineers quickly arrive at the site to perform system troubleshooting, repair or replacement of parts until the system returns to normal operation.

Our Partner

Conduct in-depth cooperation with more than 500 foreign buyers, and maintains long-term cooperation with more than 1,000 domestic advanced manufacturing suppliers.