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Lvssn Industrial Products Technology Co., Ltd Brief

Lvssn Industrial Products Technology (Nanjing) Co., Ltd is a cross-border e-commerce service platform for MRO industrial products. It helps domestic and foreign enterprises realize the digital upgrading of procurement management through the digital construction of industrial supply chain.Through the digital conversion capability of the whole industrial chain, Lvssn Industrial Products Technology provides comprehensive digital supply chain solutions for domestic and foreign enterprises, integrating trading platforms, digital tools and intelligent services.

At present, Lvssn Industrial Products Technology (Nanjing) Co., Ltd has conducted in-depth cooperation with more than 500 foreign buyers and maintained long-term cooperation with more than 1000 domestic and foreign advanced manufacturing suppliers.

By strengthening the construction of high-quality and experienced sales team and strong technical support team, the company provides professional product supply, technical support and other services for all kinds of customers. The company's huge logistics center, sufficient product inventory and good distribution service system provide guarantee for customers' supporting services.

The company's main valve businesses are as follows:

Electric high-temperature butterfly valve, electric high-temperature gate valve, electric and pneumatic butterfly valve, flow control valve, electric disc valve, electric and pneumatic high-performance sealing butterfly valve, electric shutter valve, electric ball valve, electric distribution valve, flap valve, ash discharge valve, star feeder, air lock feeder, rigid impeller feeder and other nearly 100 varieties and thousands of specifications. It is widely used in building materials, cement, iron and steel metallurgy, coal mining, thermal power generation and other industrial departments.

API gate valve, API stop valve, API check valve, swing check valve, lift check valve, cast steel ball valve, stainless steel gate valve, stainless steel stop valve, stainless steel check valve, stainless steel ball valve, stainless steel butterfly valve, metal compensator, expander, stainless steel filter, cast steel gate valve, knife gate valve, water seal gate valve, flat gate valve, fluorine lined valve, pneumatic valve Sealed butterfly valve, telescopic butterfly valve, ventilation butterfly valve, welded gate valve, cast steel stop valve, forged steel gate valve, forged steel stop valve and forged steel check valve. Products are widely used in power plants, petrochemical, boilers, air conditioning and many other fields. It is especially suitable for various extreme working conditions, such as high temperature, high pressure, ultra-low temperature, strong corrosion, cleanliness, precise control and so on.

midline butterfly valve, flange butterfly valve, metal butterfly valve, gate valve, check valve, hydraulic control valve, micro resistance slow closing check valve, multifunctional water pump control valve, soft seal gate valve, magnetic locking gate valve, ball valve, bottom valve and other series products. At the same time, it also produces a series of products such as regulating valves, pressure reducing valves, balance valves, plunger valves, plug valves, emergency shut-off valves, retractors and rubber joints with different materials, pressures, specifications and driving modes. At present, there are more than 50 series and more than 1200 varieties.

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Conduct in-depth cooperation with more than 500 foreign buyers, and maintains long-term cooperation with more than 1,000 domestic advanced manufacturing suppliers.