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American ANSI API Check Valve - H44H-150LB(C)

American ANSI API Check Valve - H44H-150LB(C)

Main Parts and Materials

Part name Material
Valve body CF8
Valve seat F304
valve clack CF8
Valve stem CF8
Cylindrical pin F304
Bracket CF8
Valve cover CF8

Use:This valve is only used to prevent the reverse flow and one-way opening and closing of media on various pipelines or equipment

Function And Specification

Type Nominal
Test pressure(Mpa) Applicable
temperature(℃ )
Applicable media
Strength (water) Strength (water) Low pressure sealing test
H44H-150LB(C) 2 3 2.2 0.5~0.7 -29~425℃ Water, steam and oil products

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